Probate and Estate Litigation

We understand that family relationships can be complex and that there can be concerns about a Will. You may simply have questions to which you want reliable answers to put your mind at rest.A Will may not be clear as to what beneficiaries are to receive. Sometimes people believe that they have been wrongly left out of a Will or there are concerns over testamentary capacity or claims by spouses and dependents where there was no Will.

We can advise and assist you in resolving these types of difficulties by liaising upon your behalf with the parties concerned or alternatively taking or defending litigation in appropriate circumstances. Our associates can act for you in administering the Estate of someone who has died. It can be a time consuming and daunting responsibility. You may want to hand it over completely to someone you trust, or you may just want advice and support in undertaking these legal responsibilities. They offer a fixed fee service. Please contact them directly on 0845 034 7344 or via their website